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Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG) & Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) has been identified as one of the alternate fuels to the regular liquid petroleum fuels as it has added environmental benefits. Now Auto LPG it powers more than 7 million vehicles in various countries due to various environmental advantages. Automotive LPG is a clean – burning, high octane number, environmental friendly transportation fuel with its proven success. High octane number ensures virtually no sacrifice in power. LPG under moderate pressure and reduced temperature can be stored in liquefied form. The fuel is being used internationally with proven success as an automobile fuel. This has been in extensively use in countries like Italy, Japan, Australia, Netherland, India, Pakistan, Srilanka, Bangladesh, and Korea etc. since a long time. It has now been cleared for use as the required orders, amendments and codes have been issued by the respective authorities.

Q.1 What is Auto Gas ?

LPG is mixture of Propane and Butane, When this mixtures are lightly compressed they change from a gaseous to liquid. Chemical is added to give it a small leak can easily detect. Automotive LPG is a clean – burning, high octane number, environmental friendly transportation fuel with its proven success. High octane number ensures virtually no sacrifice in power. LPG under moderate pressure and reduced temperature can be stored in liquefied form.

Q.2 What Is CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) ?

CNG stands for Compressed Natural Gas. It is one of the most viable alternatives to traditional fuel energy resources for the automotive industry. CNG is low in pollutants, high in calorific value and heat yield, economical and available in abundance globally.

Q.3 Is auto LPG & CNG is safe ?

In terms of combustion, Auto gas is similar to Petrol. But the fuel is stored under moderate pressure the vehicle tank is much stronger and duly approved by CCOE, Auto Gas & CNG container manufactured under ECR/BS standards, it is fitted with a shut-off valve and a safety burst disc, will survive far greater than Diesel or Petrol tanks. The gas is stored in the vehicle in liquid form in tank. The tank is designed from special low carbon steel.

The following safety is provided:

  • Multifunction valve provided it includes safety valve it tested as per ECR/BS/CCOE standards.
  • CNG container provided BS tested Cylinder valve for safety.

Q.4 Is auto Gas & CNG is environment friendly ?

Combustion of Auto Gas results in less, in some senses harmful emissions are less when compared to Diesel & Petrol.

  • Low Sulphur Content.
  • Hydrocarbon 60% less than Petrol.
  • 50% less than Diesel.
  • Nitrous Oxide 80% less than Petrol & 90% less than Diesel.
  • CO 80% less than Diesel.

Q.5 What is MONI Auto Gas Conversion kit ?

The Auto LPG/CNG conversion kits have been type tested by Automotive Research Association of India, Pune for various parameters and also carried out safety checks as per international norms. (ECER 67-01 for LPG Kits & ISO 15500 norms for CNG conversion kits)

A Quality gas conversion kit comprises of the following items:

  • The Cylinder
    The cylinder is used to store LPG at a working pressure of 15 bars. It is fitted with a cylinder valve and a safety burst disc. The cylinders are type approved by the Chief Controller of Explosives, Government of India.
  • Multi Function Valve/ Refueling Valve
    The multi function valve is fitted for Auto LPG tank it involves safety inter locking system and play role to use duel fuel. The LPG multi valve controls the flow of fuel and guarantees that the amount of LPG introduced into the tank does not exceed 80%. It reduces pressure 15 bar to 7 bars and it also have the function of refueling, it is connected with copper tube from refueling valve.
  • The High Pressure Copper Pipe
    This heavy duty copper tubing's connects the refueling valve to the High Pressure Regulator.
  • Gas Solenoid Valve
    The Solenoid Valve has shut-off gas supply to the engine. This negative pressure is also a safety feature that will not allow gas to pass through when the engine is not running & it has filter to filter the gas. The function of Gas solenoid is to cut off the gas supply to the pressure reducer when gas switch is off. It is an electromagnetic valve, which opens up only when switch is on. It works at 6 to 12 V DC and it consumes 0.5 Amps current. It is important to properly fix the copper tubes at inlet & outlet without any leakage with ferrule & squeeze nut system.
  • High Pressure Reducer
    The High Pressure Reducer it reduces the pressure 7 bars to 0.5 bars and constantly it avoids starting problem in kit as well as cold starting problem.
  • Vaporizer
    The pressure reducer, which is the heart of the system converts L.P.G to gaseous state and reduces the pressure to atmospheric pressure so as to supply the gas to engine. Pressure reducer consists of primary & secondary pressure reduction valves with related primary, secondary & vacuum diaphragm chambers and related built in safety mechanisms along with hot water circulation chamber with all cast aluminum alloy body for safety and efficiency. The reduction in pressure and gasification (pressure reduction 0.5 bars to 0.068 bar) involves a considerable reduction in temperature. It is based on advanced functioning system. (Magneto Pneumatic Functioning System) This vaporizer is specially developed for auto rickshaws.
  • The Gas-Air Mixer
    The Gas-Air Mixer is a unique component, specially designed to suit each engine model. It precisely meters gas fed into the engine.
  • The Petrol-Solenoid Valve
    The Petrol-Solenoid Valve is used to cut off petrol supply to the engine when it is run on LPG. The function of petrol solenoid is to cut off the petrol supply to the carburetor when petrol switch is off while vehicle is running on gas. It is also an electromagnetic valve which works at 6 to 12 V.
  • The Selector Switch
    The Selector Switch is fitted at the dashboard, enabling the driver to choose either the LPG/CNG mode or the petrol mode of operation. The electronics built into this unit also ensures safety by switching off the gas solenoid whenever the engine is switched off. It also serves as a fuel indicator for the quantity of LPG/CNG available in the cylinder.


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Client Testimonials

  • The new avatar : I did a lot of research to find CNG retro fitment options. There were not many articles on web about CNG fitment in SX4 and that too automatic. Fitting a CNG kit also meant loosing engine warranty on my new car. But as I was bleeding fuel, I decided to go for it. There wasn’t any other option. I enquired about various CNG fitting agencies in Pune and zeroed down to “Gasoline Fuel Systems” in warje. More from the fact that person there could explain the functioning of CNG fitment better than the others. I decided to put Lovato kit in my new SX4 (automatic). This is a sequential kit and costs me 60K. It hurt, but I had a hope to get better results……….
    --- Vishal Sharma
  • " I Travelled Mumbai to Pune for CNG kit fitment... ‘Gasoline Fuel Systems’ is the only best option to CNG conversion …. For better quality, Performance and after sales service ‘Gasoline’ is best option…."
    --- Jeetu Singh
    ( Dy. Gen. Manager at HDFC Bank in Mumbai)

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