CNG Kit For Four Wheeler

CNG Kit For Four Wheeler

‘Gasoline Fuel Systems India’ provides world class CNG kit LOVATO GAS S.p.A., Italy is manufacturing alternative fuel equipments since 1958 which are exported to 90 countries worldwide meeting most stringent quality norms and accreditations. We are retrofitting European quality products are approved as per ECER-67-01 & ISO 15500 standard CNG components. We have authorized dealer & retrofitter for CNG conversion kits approved by R.T.O & state Govt.

The major key components in CNG Conventional System :

  • CNG Reducer
  • CNG Tank with valve
  • CNG Steel Tube
  • CNG Filling valve
  • Injector Emulator
  • Lambda Control System
  • Timing Advancer Processor (TAP)
  • Change over Switch (Automatic)
  • Pressure Gauge
  • Gas Air Mixer & accessories

The Principle components in CNG LOVATO EASY FAST sequential System :

  • CNG Filling valve – Device through which the cylinder is fitted
  • CNG TANK- Tank for CNG in compressed gaseous state
  • CNG Cylinder Valve- Allows CNG into and out of the tank
  • Reducer with shut-off and sensors-Device through which the gas passes and reduces to working pressure. Incorporates pressure gauge/sensor for tank CNG level and gas circuit shut off valve.
  • Filter- Filters gas; into version with sensors measures temperature and pressure of the gas and manifold pressure.
  • Injector Rail- Injects the correct amount of CNG into each cylinder.
  • Changeover Switch-Allows user to change between CNG and petrol and indicates level of CNG in the tank.
  • Gas ECU- Receives signals from various sensors and calculates the amount of CNG to be injected

“IF the 19th century belonged to coal, & the 20th to oil, then the 21st century shall belong to gas.”


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