LPG Conventional Gas Kit

Open Loop System :

Open loop system contains advanced timing sensor/emulator MPFI, the system is pretty basic and it needs regular adjustments if you need best performance out of it you will also need to check the engine lamp due to the lambda error. Open loop system does not calculate lambda O2 readings but keeps the gas flowing according to the requirements.

Close Loop system (Lambda Control System) :

Close loop system comes with Lambda Controller ECU/stepper motor MPFI emulator, this system has complete automatic gas regulation and it also depends on what the car engine requires apart from that it emulates the lambda O2 readings to the main car ECU to prevent engine check. Many people opt for Close loop systems because the mileage & pick up is better …

For Better Mileage and Smooth Performance :

  • Lambda Control System is a computerized self registering electronic system for the management of Natural Gas. It is n antipollution computerized device which controls of emission of MPFI cars.
  • Lambda Control System maintains the stoichiometric ratio of the fuel setting constant through the acquisition of the Lambda probe signal of vehicle. It optimizes driving parameters during the transitory phases in acceleration and in deceleration.
  • Lambda Control System it does not require manual adjustment and is capable of adapting automatically to changing environmental condition and different vehicle uses ensuring and optional carburetion in terms of drive-ability consumption and demission.
  • Lambda Control System electronically manages the adjustment of the flow rate of Gas, allowing the Lambda factor to reach desired levels at all engine revolution rates.
  • Lambda Control System Electromechanical actuator dosing the amount of gas at medium and high regimes. (At-Max.) Keeping it constant even when other system is running such as air conditioning, Power Steering etc.


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