LPG Kit For Four Wheeler

CNG Kit For Four Wheeler

We provide the latest kits from Officine LOVATO, Italy who provide fourth generation LPG / CNG equipments which provide high performance and quality, low consumption with easy installations. The brand marketed by us is the best and world leader with ISO-9001, ISO : 15500 standards or ECE-67-R approvals and are being exporting to many countries in Europe, America & Asia.

In almost a half century of activity, Lovato has developed skills and technologies that make vehicles fitted with LPG kits perform almost the same as on gasoline. The Lovato Multivalve allow 80% filling of the total tank capacity with excess pressure releasing technology, providing every customer the ideal safety solution.

LPG kits for cars are available carburetor, India Stage-I, II,& III to latest generation of Euro-IV cars. Gasoline Fuel Systems provides one stop solution offers LPG kits for 2 wheelers, 3 wheelers, 4 wheelers, gensets, motor boats,etc..

Gasoline Fuel Systems towards Green Revolution…

Lovato CNG kits help save a phenomenal 50% savings on Fuel cost compared to Gasoline with excellent performance and drivability. With the help of a team of technicians, engineers, the company ensures increasing efficiency in consumption and respect for environment and safety of its customers..


Petrol Vs LPG Petrol Vs CNG

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