LPG Sequential Gas Kit

CNG Sequential Gas Kit

LOVATO EASY FAST LPG represents the latest technological evolution for LPG conversion systems. This system of phased sequential injection of LPG, in which the gas is injected in each cylinder by an injector synchronized with the phase of the cylinder to mirror the way the car works on petrol, has been designed for motors of 3 to 8 cylinders. As a result the EASY FAST system has been certified using the most recent standard EURO 4. All the system components have been designed and tested at length in the Lovato R&D centre in order to guarantee performance and reliability at the highest levels.

Easy Fast LPG Sequential Injection Systems are advanced technology fourth generation kit it saves lot of money as compared to the traditional petrol run engines. Also the best features for gas tech right now. It injects adequate amount of gas fuel in each of the cylinder and the functioning is similar to an MPFI system. Sequential kits automatically calculate the right mix designed for later model vehicles, Easy Fast integrates with the engine management system - and injects the LPG into the engine in the same way as petrol. This provides uncompromised performance, and outstanding fuel economy.


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