Calculator to Calculate Consumption for Petrol Vs CNG

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CNG Consumption  
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Petrol Vs LPG Petrol Vs CNG

Client Testimonials

  • The new avatar : I did a lot of research to find CNG retro fitment options. There were not many articles on web about CNG fitment in SX4 and that too automatic. Fitting a CNG kit also meant loosing engine warranty on my new car. But as I was bleeding fuel, I decided to go for it. There wasn’t any other option. I enquired about various CNG fitting agencies in Pune and zeroed down to “Gasoline Fuel Systems” in warje. More from the fact that person there could explain the functioning of CNG fitment better than the others. I decided to put Lovato kit in my new SX4 (automatic). This is a sequential kit and costs me 60K. It hurt, but I had a hope to get better results……….
    --- Vishal Sharma
  • " I Travelled Mumbai to Pune for CNG kit fitment... ‘Gasoline Fuel Systems’ is the only best option to CNG conversion …. For better quality, Performance and after sales service ‘Gasoline’ is best option…."
    --- Jeetu Singh
    ( Dy. Gen. Manager at HDFC Bank in Mumbai)

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